Are the constant news stories of Russian atrocities in Ukraine filling you with rage and sadness – but also a hopeless resignation? Do you want to help Ukraine in its struggle against Russia, but don’t know how?

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Empathy for Ukraine is a volunteer-based initiative organized by U.S. citizens who are sickened by Russia’s unprovoked war and wish to ensure that the U.S. continues supporting Ukraine. Many of us have personal ties to people suffering through the invasion.

Poignant, first-hand accounts of heroism and horror told by Ukrainian soldiers, medics, refugees, volunteers, and regular citizens continually pour into our news feeds. Most of these are written in Ukrainian or Russian and never make it into the mainstream Western media.

Watch this insightful video with Marianna Epstein, the founder and coordinator of the project, as part of a weekly series “MUkraine” by Marshall University

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Our Goal

Our goal is to create greater empathy within members of Congress by translating and sharing these first-hand accounts directly with federal elected officials. Our efforts are based around two core concepts:

  1. We must continue to keep up constant pressure on our lawmakers to ensure that their focus on and support for Ukraine does not diminish or fade with every passing news cycle.
  2. We hope to create personal empathy for the plight of Ukrainians that will help spur politicians to take greater action.

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