Another nice response, this time from Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa. He references two specific stories, and very clearly encourages to continue. Not every volunteer receives letters like this from their officials, but it is good to know that some do.

December 9, 2022

Dear :

Thank you for continuing to share stories of Ukrainians as they face Putin’s ongoing war. I always appreciate the opportunity to respond. 

You shared stories about the shelling in Dnipro that hit residential areas and residents of Kherson hiding in which one woman shared felt like prison. I certainly continue to pray for Ukrainians who are displaced internally in Ukraine and those that fled seeking safety as refugees. I hope that you will continue to share these stories of Ukrainians as it is important now and will be important in the future to know their stories. 

Thank you again for contacting me. Keep in touch. 

Chuck Grassley
United States Senator

Another personal response received from a Congressman’s office by one of our volunteers.

Unlike some other elected officials, Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut responds not only quickly but frequently. He writes, “On Friday of every week, my staff sends me a detailed, comprehensive report of what the people of Connecticut are writing to our office about, and your thoughts and opinions have been included in this week’s report.  I rely on this report to help me decide how I will allocate my time, and what issues I will raise in the Senate.” Out of 54 stories we have sent to Senator Murphy so far, fifteen (15!) have been included in the weekly reports he receives from his staff.

It always feels good when we get responses from our representatives listing many actions they took in support of Ukraine. And there are dozens of such responses we have gotten. But it is particularly nice when they respond to a particular story. Senator Mike Crapo from Idaho wrote, “Thank you for contacting me to share Lesya and Artem’s story. I appreciate efforts like these to bring awareness and empathy to the Ukrainian people, and I welcome the opportunity to respond.”

Marianna Epstein

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