Story of a tank mechanic

A T-64 tank mechanic, a trooper of the 28th separate mechanized Brigade of Knights of the Winter Campaign, was wounded in southern Ukraine. On the day of the incident, when he entered – for the second time – the village destroyed by the occupiers, his tank got blown on a mine. “He recalls how he came to his senses, realized that he was wounded, that he was inside a blown up tank and that he needed to get away urgently. He was able to get out, crawl a few meters to the side of the road and roll off it. There were regular explosions, shots, the roar of an enemy tank which was getting closer and closer” – said the report.

The man was able to burrow into the ground, and the enemies did not notice him, but the next battle began immediately, and the seriously wounded tanker spent almost a day under enemy fire. Then, with broken legs, he crawled about 6 kilometers. Once on a hill, he was able to place a call to the fellow fighters who considered him dead. His comrades made it in time to save the tanker.

According to his doctors, he will not be able to walk for at least six months.

By Violetta Orlova. April 12, 2022. Translated by Lena Nekludova

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