Deadly Russian attack on every family in Groza village

On October 5, 2023, in the village of Groza (Kharkiv region), with a population of 344, a Russian missile destroyed the building housing a general store and a café, killing 52 people.

‘This is a glaringly brutal Russian crime: a rocket attack on a regular grocery store, a deliberate act of terrorism in the Kharkiv region,” stated Volodymyr Zelensky.

The attack occurred at 1:24 PM. “There were local customers in the store, and a funeral reception was going on in the cafe,” said acting Minister for the Interior Igor Klymenko. “Every family in the village had someone present at that reception.”

The reception was for the reburial of a deceased Ukrainian defender. Initially, he was buried in Dnipro, but his relatives wanted to inter him in his native village. The funeral was organized by the family of the deceased. His son, who also served in the military at the beginning of the war, died together with his wife and mother when the rocket struck. All other fatalities are civilians.

A day after the attack, rescue workers continued to find body fragments as they searched through the rubble.

Seven people who sustained severe injuries have been transported to a Kharkiv hospital; one of them died within a day.

“It is a small building; there was no shelter in there; that’s why the death toll is so high,” said regional chief of police Volodymyr Tymoshko. “It cannot be called anything else but a genocide or a crime.”

October 6th through 8th are announced as mourning days in the Kharkiv region.
By Ganna Tsiomyk, 10/5-6/2023. Translated and abridged by Olga Antonyuk

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