Death Everywhere

by Katya Moskalyuk | 23 March 2022 | KharkivTranslated by Alina Tsvietkova

“I recently talked to friends. They said that a shell hit some people’s apartment. All the neighbors ran together and started putting out the fire. The second shell killed everyone,” says Ivan. 

He lived in New Bavaria, a district of Kharkiv. He says that the Russians bombed houses, dormitories and shops there. “Thirty years ago there was a military base in one of the buildings, and now there is a furniture factory. They had outdated data, so they destroyed it as well,” the young man says.

by Tereza Lashchuk | 22 March 2022 | Mariupol    Translated by Tetiana Sanina

Cars and houses were on fire. We made our way out running in-between shellings, through the yards. We’ve seen people cooking meals right next to graves—one for an adult and one for a child.

Another time, when we went to check on my wife’s parents, we saw a huge puddle of blood, and in it a brain, you know… yes… just floating. There were a lot of corpses in the city: at bus stops, on benches. They would be wrapped in blankets and taken out. Next to my house, there was a woman’s corpse wrapped in a blanket. It stayed there for 5 days. Next to her, someone made a cross from two twigs. Then, I guess, her relatives decided to bury her.  They dug a burial pit in a chestnut alley and buried her among the trees.

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