Sex crimes against children

Psychologist and psychiatrist Liliya Shakalova works with two raped girls, aged nine and eleven. They were taken out of the small cities near Kyiv occupied by the Russian soldiers. We do not name the children and release just a fragment of Ms. Shakalova’s conversation with the correspondent of the online issue of “Babel”. 

The 9 year old girl from Bucha was wounded very, very badly. Her private parts have already been stitched up. 

Her mother went out for water with other mothers and children. One or two children were left alone. The orcs(*) broke in. They raped the girl, she started screaming, and then they beat the woman who tried to rescue her. When the mother returned, she saw her bloodied child. And the little girl said: “Mommy, my cookie hurts, mommy, it hurts so much.” 

The 11 year old has no father and lived together with her grandmother. She was raped in front of the grandmother. The woman started screaming and the Russians hit her in the face.

The girl is now suspected of being pregnant because she already had periods before, but doesn’t have any now. Though it may be so because she’s too stressed. This girl is now supervised by a gynecologist. This girl was stitched up earlier, while her settlement still was occupied. The locals managed to find a doctor living there.

Both girls are now safe, they are with their parents, and are undergoing therapy. 

(*) orcs – a Ukrainian nickname for Russian occupants.

By Yevhen Spirin. April 11, 2022. Abridged by Elena Lozovsky

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