Wedding at Azovstal plant

On May 5th Valeria and Andrei, two defenders of Mariupol, trapped in the catacombs of Asovstal plant together with hundreds of other soldiers, got married. They had a wedding ceremony under the Russian shelling and bombardment, but they were so happy. Andrei made their wedding rings from foil. He got killed 3 days later when the  Russian army tried to storm the besieged plant. Within 3 days Valeria was a bride, a wife and a widow.

“For 3 days you were my loving lawful husband, and I will love you for the rest of my life! To me you are, and always will be the bravest, the most caring and loving man, my hero! You gave me your name, your loving family and the memory of our happiest time together! I promise to stay alive and live for both of us!

By the National Guard of Ukraine, 05/11/2022. Abridged by Lora Colvan

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