Another nice response, this time from Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa. He references two specific stories, and very clearly encourages to continue. Not every volunteer receives letters like this from their officials, but it is good to know that some do. December 9, 2022 Dear : Thank you for continuing to share stories of Ukrainians […]

Another personal response received from a Congressman’s office by one of our volunteers.

Unlike some other elected officials, Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut responds not only quickly but frequently. He writes, “On Friday of every week, my staff sends me a detailed, comprehensive report of what the people of Connecticut are writing to our office about, and your thoughts and opinions have been included in this week’s report.  […]

It always feels good when we get responses from our representatives listing many actions they took in support of Ukraine. And there are dozens of such responses we have gotten. But it is particularly nice when they respond to a particular story. Senator Mike Crapo from Idaho wrote, “Thank you for contacting me to share […]

Had a long phone conversation with a staffer at my congressman’s office about our initiative. He is the one who gets our letters with stories from Ukraine. Conversation reinforced my conviction that we are doing the right thing including daily frequency.  Earlier I was asked by one of the volunteers: Might it be more effective […]

Representative Anna Eshoo (CA) to another volunteer, “Thank you for sharing the heartbreaking stories of Ukrainians which you have translated as part of the Empathy for Ukraine Initiative. I’m so grateful for your important work to elevate the voices of Ukrainians facing Russia’s brutal aggression, and I will keep these stories at the forefront of […]

A volunteer from California received a response from her Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, which starts with the words “Thank you for sharing the heartbreaking stories coming from Ukraine”.

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