Story #164

Children Learn to Grieve The most ordinary children gathered at Gen.Camp. They talk, laugh, cry, and wait for the Tooth Fairy. But each of them looked death in the eyes and lost a parent. All of them are living witnesses of atrocities and crimes against the Ukrainian people. Meet 15-year-old Yegor from Kharkiv. Soon after […]

Story #184

Ukrainian military medic in Russian captivity. Part 1 “In Nova Kakhovka he was the youngest prisoner, 18 years old. The Russians pulled his toenails out. I had to redress his wounds for a very long time because he received no medical help after being tortured. Four days later, his fingers started to rot, and only […]

Story #180

Deadly Russian attack on every family in Groza village On October 5, 2023, in the village of Groza (Kharkiv region), with a population of 344, a Russian missile destroyed the building housing a general store and a café, killing 52 people. ‘This is a glaringly brutal Russian crime: a rocket attack on a regular grocery […]

Story #183

Motivation I am not a military man. I never aspired to be a military man. I am a historian, a researcher, a museum worker. And a bit of a writer. I should be devoting my time to research and to writing. But at the moment, I am in the army because there is war in […]

Story # 125

A boy rescued after missile strike in Dnipro At the time of the attack 12-year-old Rostislav Yarochenko was at home alone. His mother, Nadezhda Yaroshenko, a pediatric anesthesiologist, was at work. “The only thing I remember was a flash, a window flying straight at me, and lots of smoke,” the boy recalled. His mom added: […]

Story #70

Story of Pediatric Rehabilitation Center Tetiana Chub is the technical director of the medical rehabilitation and palliative care center for children in Kharkiv, which has been under heavy shelling by the Russian army since the beginning of the war. “When they were shelling, we were carrying children in our arms to the basement. Afterwards, we […]

Story #46

Polina’s diary, part 1 21-year-old Polina Kovalevskaya was trying to survive in Mariupol from the first day of war (February 24th, 2022) until April 4, 2022. Here are some excerpts from her diary. March 3. Eighth Day of War Yesterday we came to this shelter [at the City Cultural Center] because a rocket destroyed our […]

Story #43

A boy who couldn’t even cry On March 1, Andrii Blyzniuk, a 10 year old Ukrainian boy, fled from a village near Chernihiv together with his parents and uncle. Their family’s car ran across a Russian military vehicle convoy. Although the car was obviously civilian and was not a threat, a Russian armored personnel carrier […]

Story #42

Wedding at Azovstal plant On May 5th Valeria and Andrei, two defenders of Mariupol, trapped in the catacombs of Asovstal plant together with hundreds of other soldiers, got married. They had a wedding ceremony under the Russian shelling and bombardment, but they were so happy. Andrei made their wedding rings from foil. He got killed […]

Story #27

Sex crimes against children Psychologist and psychiatrist Liliya Shakalova works with two raped girls, aged nine and eleven. They were taken out of the small cities near Kyiv occupied by the Russian soldiers. We do not name the children and release just a fragment of Ms. Shakalova’s conversation with the correspondent of the online issue […]

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